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“The wilderness and its inhabitants are here to remind us that Man’s place is not to be found but to be rediscovered.”

Rediscover the equilibrium through a Dialog with Nature. Reconnect with our roots to find, at last, our place in the grand Living Community. The First People and traditional knowledge teach us something that our modernity does not know how to find : how humans can live in a sustainable way on Earth. After all, Goethe said “Is just, only that which is fruitful”. This is, in the essence, what the people of Gens des Bois seek to pass on through activities which all have in common life in Nature… Welcome to all and see you soon in the woods !

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Émission France Inter Le temps d’un bivouac 9 octobre 2021

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Article dans le journal Suisse Le Matin, 3 octobre 2021

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Soutenir l’école buissonière : Placer son argent de façon éthique et contribuer au développement d’un projet au service de l’humain et du vivant !

L’école alternative “L’école buissonnière” a besoin d’aide pour son projet ! Plus d’informations dans le document ci dessous.